Sunday, September 4, 2011

I've been a bad blogger

So... I realized one day that my to-do list was reaching multiple page lengths, so when I re-prioritized I ended up not blogging for like.... ever. This was mostly because I also ended up not riding either. I have a good excuse!! I was getting married! All that planning and scrambling and organizing and nit-picking; lets just say I only plan on doing it once. Now that its all over (it all turned out so perfect!) I plan on getting back to some regularly scheduled programming.

Well, now I've explained myself. I plan on getting back into the blogosphere soon, as I'm DYING to get back in the saddle after MUCH too long. I'll be sure to post new and exciting things (hopefully with pictures) soon. Hopefully things won't get too exciting - seeing as how I'm going to go back to a very very fresh TB who might have forgotten some of her manners and become a wild naughty mare again... maybe she'll surprise me yet again?