Bijou's Reviews

I'd like to use this page to keep everyone informed of the products that I've personally found to work the best. I've always loving hearing real reviews from real people, so I figured I'd keep up the trend. I'll try to keep these updated if I try anything new/exciting and please leave comments on your experiences with similar products.

1) I love MTG by Shapely. I've used it on a few horses with moderate tails and I really do see a difference. *****

2)  Equifuse Gleam is a new product I'm trying out. So far I love the de-tangling effects and I like that it's silicone free, so I can put it in as a leave in moisturizer. In case you haven't heard before, silicon containing sprays like show-sheen and laser sheen can make hair dry and brittle. They have the short term effect of making the hair soft and shiny, but the long term effects of lots of breakage and hair damage. It's a little pricey, but we'll see how it turns out. verdict out pending more trials

Bijou is wearing the Saxon 1200 D Turnout sheet, in blackberry plaid. So far she's had it on since the beginning of the real cold weather and the mares have pulled a few threads out of her rump area. This roughs up the fabric a bit and allows it to leak in a downpour like we've had. Overall I can't complain since I didn't pay that much for it. I've been thinking about upgrading to one with 100 g of fill so that I can really clip during the winter, but for this season it was perfect. ****

My favorites coming soon!

List of tack I use coming soon!