Wednesday, November 25, 2009

First Day

She got here around 10 am on Saturday November the 14th, I have to write it down or else I'll forget :D

I bathed her, let her out into the pasture and made sure the big ole mean guys didn't try to take too many hunks out of her hide. She did just fine. After riding Godiva and making sure she got along with the other horses in pasture, we did about 30 minutes of easy riding stuff. She's not very willing in the lateral movements, she just has no clue that when only one leg goes on her she's supposed to move sideways away from it. I didn't want to keep her out too long, I worry about her burning too many calories and not being able to put enough into getting fatter.

We walked and trotted over some poles, which were very scary at first, but eventually we maintained a trot over them, although it was very gingerly.

She's just overall a very calm and pleasant horse to be around. Not jumpy, flighty, etc. She does have a shiver response when you walk up to her. I'm still trying to figure out what triggers it and how to get her over it. I think she's just still learning to trust me.

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