Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm Broken

Last Thursday I finished up my ride on my other mare, and 'cantered' on foot (goofing off as usual) back into the arena to get my jacket with my barn buddy. We both decided to jump in tandem over one of the large cross rails on the way to get our stuff, only she jumped forward and to the left, and I jumped forward and to the right. To avoid totally knocking her over, I twisted midair. When I landed, still in twisted fashion, the twist transferred itself down to my ankle, where I popped the knob on the inside of it off.

I've broken my other ankle in this same place, only I fell from about 10 ft because I was jumping on a trampoline. This time the jump was only from about 3 ft, so I didn't tear or do any severe damage to the tendons or ligaments (hopefully). This is only a fracture, with a smooth joint surface and only one real fragment, which includes basically that whole knob. I've been on crutches for the last few days and at least my upper body is getting a workout. If all looks good, I should get a walking boot on Friday.

I'm considering putting Bijou in some kind of training in order to keep her going while I'm out of commission. It would be at the same facility that I keep her at, and only probably 1x or 2x a week. I don't really like putting her in training with someone else, because I want the 'bond' to form between us, and because I like being there for the 'aha' moments (and I like being able to say I did it all myself).

I know she can't just sit in pasture for 6 wks (OMG 6 wks!?!?!) so I'll do it anyway, but I'm just overall super bummed.

Anyone got any great time killing activities that don't involve walking/getting off your butt?


  1. Oh no! :( That sucks. You're in a boot for 6 weeks??

    I suggest lots of books. But you might want to stay away from the horse training books until you're closer to being able to come back - when I broke my ankle it was awful reading all these books and getting great ideas that I couldn't implement.

    I also LOVE video games, so that's what I'd do with my time ;)

    I'm sorry to hear about that. Hope you heal up soon.

  2. ya, that's what I thought when I saw the x-rays :(

    I'll take your advice and put those ones on a back shelf so I don't get any more bad ideas (I'm already planning a few bareback rides, which are probably a bad idea)

    Maybe I'll become the crazy good MOD2 player that my fiance wants me to be... lol or not. Thanks for the healing wishes :D

  3. Sorry to hear about your ankle :-( I think it would be good for your mare to stay in a program. Are you able to at least groom her and spend time with her that way? Anyway, just keep your eyes on the prize. After 6 weeks, your mare will still be there and you guys can pick things back up.

  4. Oh dear. Speedy recovery!

    Reading books is always a good pastime. Or taking pictures.

  5. Karen - I will be able to be around her soon, but I have to get off the crutches first. That could take up to 6 wks, depending on my bone healing time :( I'll look at this time as time to get her nice and fat so that I will feel good about making her butt work :p

    I have already started "Moby Dick" just because I never finished it as a kid. I would love suggestions for other books (maybe some training ones for the last few weeks to get me revved up about it again)

  6. Six weeks is not the end of the world... its tough that its the beginning of the summer, and crutches ALWAYS suck.
    As far as non-training books, The Time Traveler's Wife is still one of my all time favorites... WAY better than the movie!
    La Suite Francaise (english translation of course)
    I've liked most novels by Jodi Picoult
    and if you want something light and silly anything by Marian Keyes

    Good luck! And yes, I'll keep posting how my lessons go! I get so much motivation and ideas from reading other blogs too!

  7. In the big scheme of things six weeks isn't all that much. Your mare won't forget you in that amount of time.

    As for killing time in a safe manner, investigating new blogs can really suck up the hours. You'd get to meet new people. Add readership for your blog and not get into trouble all at one time. LOL

  8. thanks rainbow, I need all the encouragement I can get. I've already added a few blogs to my reading list :o

  9. Oh no! I just sneaked a peek again and come to read this post! I'm so sorry! That sucks :( Jingles for a speedy recovery--you should be more then halfway through now!