Friday, March 11, 2011

still crooked

I have two different horses, one that trots with huge slow stretchy strides at the trot, and canters around on a loose rein to the left, and one that throws her head around, and is stiff as a board at the trot, and bucks in the canter!

I scheduled the chiropractor for 11:30 on Monday. I'm hoping she'll be good and fix everything. The guy I had been talking to flaked out on me, so I saw her at the barn and swooped in to make it happen. I'm crossing my fingers!

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  1. If she's as one-sided as you say, it may take a while and a number of chiro treatments before things are consistently better. Be sure to have the chiro check your saddle fit as well as that can contribute to issues. Good luck - chiro has made a big difference to my horses.