Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Not the red kind you but on french fries, but the kind that needs to happen when I haven't blogged in ages...

Quick recap

1) Bijou and I went through a pretty nasty phase where she was being a huge idiot almost every day no matter what I had done with her previously. I put her back on a Vitamin B1 supplement and now we have more of a two way communication and not just me yelling at her at the top of my lungs

2) during that phase we went through total canter meldown. Canter = gallop + head toss + leap sideways + gallop faster. Canter rehab is currently underway with moderate success so far

3) I started taking lessons! I decided that I needed SOMEONE to keep me accountable week by week. This also has the added bonus of someone being on the ground to be eyes and giving suggestions. So far she's not the 'wonder trainer' but has been SUPER helpful and I'm glad I'm back under a watchful eye.

4) I started feeding my horse grain again. I started a bit early this year and just in the nick of time it seems as she's already lost some weight with the pastures dying out.

5) Lunging is my friend. What do you think of lunging?


  1. Yes, lunging is your friend! Even though Hampton rarely needs lunged in order to get the bucks out, it HAS done wonders in helping him find his own balance - especially in the canter. :)

  2. I don't really get the bucks out (those happen regardless) but I get the scrambling-galloping-ears twitching in every direction out so that we can go to work... I just feel like its a tool to use and then put away, and I can't put it away yet!