Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm not good at sharing

So things with leasers #2 and #3 were tested this weekend since I was out of town. #3 had Saturday and Monday all to herself, with mixed reviews. One spectator said that things were going well, one said that it got quite scary. She ended up 'unseated' and on Bijou's neck at one point, which I don't call safe riding. I guess she tried to have Bijou go through a set of about 5 trot poles, which were raised 6" on one end or the other. I know this is a simple exercise, and I know I probably should be doing this stuff in my sleep with her now, but for her it is a lot to ask. She texted me and said that she had been a "pest" in the beginning, but that they worked it out. I don't like that she's moving up so quickly with what she feels comfortable doing. I had her walk and trot over a single pole on the ground in one of our lessons which was a challenge... so I just don't know if we're missing the common sense gene, or if she really thought it wouldn't be a big deal.

Add on to the above eye witness accounts - when I rode today things were tense, stiff, naughty, and unwilling. I feel like since I haven't been riding over this weekend Bijou has regressed back about a month. That's with #3 riding twice without me... that's not a good sign in my book. She took 1/2 an hour to supple down at the trot, and she just would not give me any kind of flexion in the canter until we had been doing the 1/2 arena circle about 10 times. I actually heard her start wheezing because she was holding her head so high. I finally got her to give just a little bit and called it good. Definitely not a fun ride, and feels like I have a lot of work to do.

I like this girl, I think she's a good rider, but I think she just might not be right for Bijou. I don't want to sound like a horrible person and tell her that she's doing everything wrong, but I think I have to do something. I guess I've kinda decided that I'm just going to lay it out like it is and see what she thinks of the whole situation... hopefully it will turn out well.

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