Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Busy, big surprise

I hate how this always happens. I always go into the quarter with these high expectations of having plenty of time to play with my horses, and somehow the stars align against me.

I've been working with the project mare to prep her (and I) for the one day horse trials. That's taken up ALL of my time. I think I groomed and lunged Bijou twice last week, that's it. I'm going to make her a big priority next week, because there are a few local schooling shows that have walk trot equitation classes! I think I could be ready for that, or maybe even a hunter under saddle class, if I really work at it. That's my goal, is to do one WTC flat class this show season. Maybe maybe a cross rails course in the fall, depending on how busy I get over summer.

I shopped online and bought a few things, smartpaks full of delicious (well hopefully) nutrition to make sure we're getting off to a good start from the ground up. I got something with Omega 3's, pro-biotic, joint maintenance, and an overall vitamin. I also bought some fly spray, grooming tools, and other goodies that needed to be replaced. I lost my saddle soap! So I obviously needed another one... my boots and saddles look VERY neglected right now.


1. Gather up all my junk, sell off stuff I don't need, and organize the rest. (find missing items?)
2. Buy feed that Bijou will eat, so that when the supplements get here I have something to put them in
3. Get on Bijou at least 2x next week

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