Sunday, April 4, 2010

Most Exciting!

I found my tailbag!!! This is after 2 weeks of rummaging through the long grass in any number of pastures that she's been in before I noticed it was missing. I'm going to use this and an amazing product called MTG on a photo documentary of the adventures of Bijou's tail, and it's journey to infamy.

ok, so maybe that isn't the most exciting news of the week, but it's all I've got. Now my question to you... any good ways to keep conditioning fun? I feel like it's all just lather, rinse, repeat (to use a saying from another blogger).

On another note, I feel like I've turned Bijou out for a week (while I was prepping another horse for a show) and I went out today to get up close and personal and work her, and she's a new horse! Fatter, healthy, stronger, and shedding out so nice!! Such a cool surprise!

Also, I've noticed that show season is ramping up. I'm getting emails from local barns announcing all their schooling shows, and it makes me wonder what I'll be able to accomplish this year. I think I'm gunning for a W/T class soon, and by fall I hope to be showing over cross-rails. Is that realistic? These are all just local schooling hunter/jumper shows so I don't have to be perfect to place, but I think one season should be enough to get a horse ready for their cross-rails debut. Let me know if I'm on track or off my rocker on this one?

Goals for this week: Lunge in side reins, even if it has to be free lunging in the round pen. Ride over lots of trot poles to get the long and low thing going.


  1. MTG is an awesome product. I need to do a tail tutorial soon. Everyone keeps asking me how I keep my horses tails so nice. Maybe I will do that today after driving the 2 year old.

  2. Oh gosh please post a tail tutorial!! Hampton's is OK, but still a bit short and thin (of course he's only 3 so ...) but I'd love to help it along as best as I can without actually having to tie it up.

    As far as your goals, I think they are very realistic - especially if you start working with the mare 3-4 times a week. :-)