Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A brand New Horse

I have a fat horse, a brand new shiny penny of a gorgeous horse. I desperately want to post pictures, but have no camera :( I'll have to steal a friends because I need to document this.

Unfortunately, I do not have a new horse brain. Maybe I need to get her on some kind of calming supplement because the green grass makes her higher than a kite if I haven't gotten her out in a few days. Today for example:

I lunge, in side reins for the first time!! She was admittedly less than happy and tossed her head some, but eventually accepted the pressure. She's got a really great nice carriage with her poll up high and her little nose tucked in, but only for moments. I got her sweaty, which is my general indication that she's done some work, hopefully enough to burn off the initial sugar high, and I can get on her and not get bucked around. Well.... that's the assumption anyway.

She doesn't like it when the dog waits for her at the fence, and then races after her once she's gone past, or how the round pen makes noise with another horse in it because the sand flies up and hits the walls, or how the drag marks in the arena are shadowed and look like she might have to jump them, or how I keep contact on her face, or how I expect her not to crash into things, or how I expect her to be able to hold still when I want to mount/dismount. But I can guarantee that by Friday, she'll have forgotten all these problems, because she'll be less full of it. So I'll just keep looking forward to Friday.

Also, tomorrow I have a 'trainer' coming out to help with the tying thing. I'm hoping that she'll be worth the money and really help solve the issue.

More for my own records than anything else, I lunged, she was sound, I hopped on in the small arena and she was DEAD lame on the right fore? but only around half the arena. I think the footing was just really hard in there from the rain, cus I went into the other arena and she was fine. I checked all feet/tendons and she just seemed to have broken off some hoof. No cracks or anything, but little chinks missing. I'm guessing toe bruises from running like an idiot in her pasture, we'll see next time we have the farrier out, which is when I'll probably have to do full shoes. I'll look into a hoof supplement too, although she's on a multivitamin which should cover everything right?

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