Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February!

Well, not really.... but I have to rejoice in the small things. February means we're one step closer to being done with winter and into spring.

On a good note, I was finally able to do something mildly constructive today! Hooray! The very center of the arena finally dried up enough to work in. I took little Ms. High-as-a-Kite out and had a good lunging lesson. She slipped up a few times on the worst patches, but only when she started taking off bucking. I was very proud that she retained a LOT of what we'd worked on before the rain when we were practicing being a well mannered horse while lunging. She didn't try to wheel around on me even once, although she did all of a sudden turn to face me without being asked to. Instead of getting all confused when I tugged to one side and stepped to the other (trying to push her in whichever direction) she only had to take a second to process, and then realized she knew what I was talking about and started off in the suggested direction.

Talk about being greatful for the small things. I know I'm practically gushing about the fact that my horse understands one very small facet of one very small part of being a well mannered horse, but with the recent lack of ANY PROGRESS AT ALL due to the weather, I feel like any step forward is a huge leap for horsewoman-kind.

Hopefully this lack of progress will be remedied since we found a new affordable barn! Huge grassy pastures, a sand arena with a full complement of jumps, lighted arenas for night time riding in the winter, dog friendly, hotwalker equipped, and a group of people with whom I'm already familiar with, all for an affordable rate! I just hope I don't wake up tomorrow and realize it was all too good to be true.

Goals: lunge more if possible, still working on the anti-rain dance since that's what the forecast says to expect... :(

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