Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rain Rain, Go away!

Still no updates. Still no goals. I might be a little absent until march when we move to.... the most wonderful place on earth, no, not Disneyland, but Buckley Stables! Sand arena with full set of standards and standard size poles and it dries in a day or two and a round pen and a warmup arena and a hotwalker and GRASS YEAR ROUND in pasture with supplements in winter and shows held on the grounds and a small turf x-country course behind the trailer parking in the summer and.... *breath* can you tell I'm excited just a little bit?

But until then, unless some miraculous dry spell shows up or another tack shop goes out of business (I hope not, I spent a LOT of money already), this blog may go a tiny bit stale. My camera is completely dead (strangely enough, another thing the rain ruined) so I'm trying to figure out how to get pictures off my phone but until then I might not even get pics of the Disgusting in it's wet and sloppy glory.

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