Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Will anything ever go as planned?

My vet called me at about 3 today saying that they would not be able to make it out for my appointment at four basically because everyone else was more important. Someone had a bunch of horses they weren't prepared for about a 30 minute drive north, so the vet needed extra time there, and they were going to skip me in order to get him back to the clinic for his clinic appointments. I have another appointment for Thursday at 3, let's see if this works out. The thing that bugs me is that they have a 24 hr cancellation policy, if you cancel you get charged like $25. I want to have them take that off my bill because they canceled on me! If I didn't have to wait for the vet I could have gone to school Twin Rivers on my other mare.... URGH!

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  1. I would mention something about that. We had a vet here, good vet, horrible planning on his part for EVERY SINGLE APPT. Oh my gosh. One time at my one barn this horse fractured his shoulder. We thought he had an abcess in his foot until an abcess literally blew out of his shoulder a day later. We called him at 10 am for an emergency visit. He showed up at 8 pm. The owner of the horse was hysterical so I stayed there all day with her. There were no other vets in the area that were available. Talk about bad service.