Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's Leaking

Unfortunately, Bijou's head's been leaking again. I was supposed to go to the vet's office to pick up some antibiotics, but I'm a bad mommy and I had other errands and it got too late to run all the way out to Osos and still make it back to feed her any before it was WAY past dark.

Shelly bought seven million (well maybe only seven) saddles, tried on a few, of course the stupid heavily AP one fits Bijou the best. I swear the cantle sits 4 vertebrae up, you can barely see the waistline of my pants, that's how high it is.

She's supposedly gained ~50 lbs (now ~1080) since I first recorded it, which was a few days after I got her. I finally got some wormer in, so she's had a good dose of ivermectin, which should hopefully take care of any remaining ticks (ICK!!) that are still hanging out. I'll probably dose her again in a few weeks, I'll have to look up what the initial dosing requirements are first.

Not much to report so far on the riding. She will happily walk over poles, she can trot poles but would rather not. She's still very skinny and I feel bad making her burn calories that she obviously needs to pack back into all the depressions that aren't supposed to be there. Like the one between her hip bones:

It's already gotten a little better than that ^ but still not a thing I like to see. I've been keeping her blanketed whenever possible so that she's not losing energy to heat losses as much, especially because it's been so cold! I finally got a plain waterproof sheet for the days it will get over 65 degrees.
Goals: Ride more!

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