Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Search is Over

Coincidentally, S's Circuit fits Bijou perfectly. Or at least as much as I can tell so far. I rode her at the beach in it and there were two large dry patches of equal size etc on her which I hope will fill out with more weight as time progresses.

I was griping about how hard it was to find a good saddle, and there one was, sitting right beneath my nose. I feel foolish.

On another note, We had lots of fun at the beach for our second time. My favorite part was when we ascended the dunes and got our first look at the ocean. Bijou was in front and her head popped up into the llama pose, her ears pointed forward so much they were almost touching, and I could hear her thoughts as clear as day: "What the HECK is all that swirly blue and white stuff!!!" but we walked on down the dunes and eventually made our way into the water, although reluctantly. We almost raced Wyatt and S. Wyatt has been trained by his previous beach buddies (all TB's with the need for serious speed) that he must take off at the first sign of a spirited canter. Bijou was obviously not meant for a race horse. She saw Wyatt jump off in front of her, and rather than tucking her hind end in and racing, she slowly lengthened her stride to catch up. I think she would have been one of the TB's that started in the back of the pack and worked her way up. She just doesn't have the quickness. That comes in handy when she's trying to skitter away from the water. Sometimes it just caught up to her and there was nothing she could do about it.

I also rode her in the arena the one day it was dry enough (mostly). In the slippery patches she thought it would be funny to pick up a canter and buck around a bit. Her idea of misbehavior is quite understated for a 5 yr old TB. It was more head shaking than anything else.

Goals: Buy some hay, ride more.

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