Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh the Joys of Saddle Fitting

S has been having a ridiculous time figuring out a saddle that fits for Wyatt. I think some of it (if only a small case of the TB-with-high-withers) has rubbed off on me. I have ridden in my Bates Caprilli Eventing saddle:

for the only few times that I have ridden her, but I am afraid that even with the medium narrow tree it is still sitting on her withers once it is girthed and has my weight on it. This has led me to search for more wither friendly saddles. Unfortunately I don't like the price tags, although the saddles are very pretty. There are so many saddles out there that it makes it near impossible to choose. I really like the stubbens, but I have never heard of them being particularly good for a horse with slightly higher than normal withers.

I rode her in my bates yesterday, did mostly walking and some trotting. Just enough to get her warm and make her think, but not enough to tucker her out. She's very wobbly in her steering, I'm trying to help her a lot with my leg and really 'open the door' for her around the turns but I think she's just not really balanced. It didn't help that the arena was slippery in patches. I think she got scared when her feet slipped, and she would take off and throw a little fit. This was expected since she hadn't really been worked in about 3 weeks. She will throw her head around when I first ask for her face, and then she'll just walk out in a nice little frame for a while, and then she'll throw her head around again. I think it's the lack of ride time, but I hope I'll be able to get more consistent after all this darned rain quits.

When I was at Farm Supply, I found they had the probiotic supplement I was looking at online for a fairly decent price. I think I'll get some of that for when she gets off the antibiotics to prevent her from losing more weight because her gut bacteria isn't there to help her out. I've been trying to figure out a way to go pick up some nice alfalfa/grass hay to free feed her for the remainder of her stall stay, but I can't seem to locate a willing truck lender. This is when it would have been really nice to have gotten one myself, but I still love my little Gizmo.

Goals: ride more, weather permitting.

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