Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No Rest for the Weary

So I finally picked up the antibiotics (Today was day one of SMZ's), and amidst all the finals stress I found my way out to the barn and got all muddy so that Bijou can have her BID SMZ's. Hopefully all the feeder people will catch on so we can get this stuff dealt with.

It's been rainy, so no riding. Probably won't be very much riding considering the weather report... ugh. Winter time is no fun! I really wanted to get training started in earnest over winter break, but it's going to be so nasty for the whole first week I doubt it will dry up in time.

Talked to a woman down in AG with a saddle that looks like it may fit, but she hasn't gotten back to me with tree size or seat size, so I can't even say if it's worth going down there to look at it or not.

Goals: stay dry

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