Monday, January 18, 2010

Could these be called puddles?

It's begun another bout of serious raining. I didn't think we got that much, but after going out to the barn today I re-evaluated. Our 2' coop was only about 4" tall because it was in that much water. This is INSIDE the arena where we are supposed to ride eventually. Once again, I was all ready to rock and roll with my new training schedule, and the weather had to go and ruin it. I'm guessing it will take until next monday before we can hope to ride in the arena :(

On that vein, S and I went around to the local barns inquiring about prices and taking a look at the facilities on what we've agreed was the wettest day ever. Buckley may be an option if pasture is available, but they charge extra for trailer parking :( There was this other place full of arabians that had a covered arena with no arena under the cover, just a bull pen and a hot-walker! They had a nice big outdoor arena, but why would you choose to put the arena outside?! I'm hoping we sell Lady so I can afford to board somewhere with a covered arena for the rest of the winter. We shall see.

Goals: Figure out an anti-rain dance.

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