Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No news is bad news

Lack of posts due to lack of an arena that isn't one giant puddle. I'm working on getting the pics from my phone cus they will eventually be hilarious. Now I'm just super bummed because all the training I want to do for this summer is not getting done.

Bijou did get a few little weensy bone fragments pulled from her head recently, she should be ready to have stitches out by the 6th, and then be all healed up by the 20th. That is unless she has MORE weensy bone fragments floating around in her oh so lovely Frankenstein-ian wound. She's officially started shedding, and with a vengeance. All that fluff will be gone soon enough, and it looks like she won't be just a bag of bones underneath it any more! I pulled her blanket off and this time had the 'voila!!' moment I had been waiting for. She's been on about a scoop of rice bran a day, with big flakes of alfalfa and oat morning and night, and then I sneak out there and feed her from her own personal supply at least 4 times a week. Usually those days she gets about 2 extra flakes. It's finally started to pay off.

She definitely seems a little hotter lately. I tried to put her blanket back on after aforementioned voila moment and she drug me about 15 ft just playing really. I am thinking I might try jogging down the road and back with her, it's the only place that is dry enough that she won't slip and fall, and it will mean that she has to spend some time getting used to being away from the other horses that she loves so dearly.

Goals: meh, I'll start this up when I have an arena again.

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