Tuesday, January 5, 2010

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I turned Bijou out in the arena today, and after she got done being stuck on the gate she ran herself silly for about 10 minutes. I had her piaffing at the gate because she didn't understand what I wanted when I wanted her to go run around and play. I thought "how COOL!!! but I better stop before she decides to jump the gate." Good to know if I ever want to pursue that again...

She's looking better, still dirty and mucky and now all dried-sweat-y but better in the weight department. Extra hay has really seemed to be helping. I'm hoping I can get her weight to he acceptable range before the end of this month in order to put her out in pasture (with the hungry feed hogs that will steal all her food) by next month to save on board costs. I still have to figure out a budget for this year to know if I can afford a membership (with free access to X-country, Dressage AND jumping arenas) to Twin Rivers Ranch which would be REALLY cool to go to all the time. We shall see...

Goals: Clip the Mongrel so she doesn't get drenched.

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