Monday, January 4, 2010


Bijou finally got hay!!! Two big bales of decent alfalfa all for her to have her lunches. She's getting double what she used to. Now hopefully I'll start to see some of that ribbyness go away. She's also still on tons of beetpulp, almost a whole bucket full after it's soaked. I made up more baggies of rice bran plus her vitamins/flax seed/MSM so that they get fed every day. Every day I go out there she gets to be out in the grassy area for the whole time (up to 5 hrs on weekends) while I work other horses. She usually exercises herself by spurting across the row of stalls and kicking up her heels a few times. I'll have to see if I can get a picture of it soon.

I'm still really concerned about how thin she is (weight tape still comes in at 1080lbs). I want to take a bunch of pictures to catalogue this time with her, but I am embarrassed to have people see her like this. I feel like I'm doing everything in my power to get her fatter. I will go price out some corn oil at Costco and after that I think I will just have to sit back and let all the calories work their magic. She's definitely showing that she has more energy to burn, which is good because I think she used to be so skinny that she was lethargic to an extent :( I think it doesn't help to see her all wet and mucky from the rain all the time either, and she was allowed to grow a HUGE winter coat that will be tons of fun trying to get off her for shedding time but which makes her seem more scraggly than she probably really is. I'm going to post pictures of her anyway and that way I'll have a reference when I look back and say "wow, she's come so far!"

Goals: Corn oil, Riding now that the arena isn't soaked, Bath (maybe after tuesday when it's supposed to rain again anyway.

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