Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photo updates!!

I thought with our two month anniversary approaching I should take a few quick snapshots to remember the moment.

Above: Bijou patiently drying looking really dark and scraggly

Above: After the clippers had done their magic.

This side turned out better. Still looks like a racing-fit TB to me, I hope she fills out to be a warmblood-typey TB instead!

Just as a reminder, I'll put up some of the 'before' pictures. I'd like to note the dark shadow behind where the saddle pad lays, that's because her rib cage actually stuck out that much from where her sunken in hips were. Also note the gaskin and forearm muscling (or lack thereof) I know she hasn't made huge progress in the last two months, but slow and steady wins the race right?

In other news, today went really well. We had our first w/t/c lunge session where she didn't try to duck around the other way even once. She's still having a tough time with the trot/walk transition, but she gets there eventually. That's something to work on. She followed me over some of the fences that were up (again just to get her thinking about that sort of thing) and I trotted her over some poles.

I lunged and rode yesterday, S had Wyatt turned out in the grassy area and was chasing him cracking the whip. The whip wasn't a problem, but when Wyatt went charging across the area Bijou couldn't quite help herself and just needed to take off a little bit with him. She ended up with her front feet in the air after I gave a pretty firm halt. We walked it off and ended on a good note, did a bunch of trotting poles between standards before that. She likes to break into a nice little canter every so often when we're trotting. I like it because it means she's thinking forward, and I try not to tug on her to slow back down, but I don't want her to think that she's picking the pace. We're also having a hard time staying stationary at the mounting block. She doesn't take off or anything, just a few steps, but I love love love having a horse that will stand stock still while you get on, makes everything so much easier. I think we'll just have to keep having serious conversations every time she moves away and hope that consistency will win the day. I'm going to miss her for the next few days plus it will be raining. I really want to be consistent, but it's next to impossible with an outdoor arena in the wet winter.

Goals: Wash and repair tail bag to re-do tail. Buy shampoo to re-do tail. Keep working on lunging so I can feel safe putting more gear on her to get rid of the slight ewe neck forming.

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